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What We Do

Product & Solution

Cash Processing Consultancy
Retail Cash Management Solution
  • Reliable cash deposit solution for retail outlet and back office 

  • Small footprint cash depositor with large volume 

  • High expandability (e.g. Coin validating module, external UPS)

  • High flexibility of solution integration (e.g. POS, vibration sensor)

  • Secured retail cash data management

We gather customer feedbacks and provide innovative ideas, to co-develop cash processing solutions that address customers’ PAINS. 


We develop new types of products never seen in the industry and innovate with new processing methods and supplementary equipment to improve productivity and security.

We offer customised solutions and services to address customers’ needs including cash processing consultancy, Cash Centre Processing and Management System , and Retail Cash Management Solution.

  • ŸWe have hands-on track-record for Central Banks, CITs, and Commercial banks.

  • Specialised in ATM and retail processing operations.

  • Post processing operations,including packaging, track and trace.

  • Process automation.

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